Mattress from Ultimate Dreams – comfortable and plushy!

Ultimate Dreams Mattress is manufactured by Dreamfoam Bedding. Considering the price, it is a serious investment, so let’s look at what do you get as a customer.

It is a 13 inch mattress made from memory foam infused with gel. The gel-infusing technology is an innovative one, which is developed to reduce heat production over the night. The company describes the mattress as different. It is composed out of two high density base layers, which makes it very solid. The top layer is 3 inches of memory foam.

It can come in different sizes and is being shipped for free. Also the manufacturer provides a 20 year guarantee.


Comfort capabilities

Not a lot to say here, except it works. The technologies, used it the product, seem to have an effect and make customers feel comfy, while they enjoy their rest. The feel is supportive and soft.

Reduces pain

Customers say that the product has relieved and reduced pain related issues.

Free shipping, guarantee, concurrent price

Free shipping and the insurance are maybe the biggest benefits you get. Also, the effectiveness, provided to the product, seems to concurrent bigger brands and coming at a lower price.


Durability issues

The way the mattress is constructed isn’t reliable, according to reviews. Some say that they needed to rotate the position of the mattress every night, just to sleep on a fresh part of the memory foam. Others complain that they are not comfortable to perform sexual activities.


This is a problem that seems to occur in every product made out of memory foam. Companies struggle to fight it with different technologies, but the effect seems to be not that significant.


There are reports that the chemical smell didn’t go away.

A lot to get for such price

The mattress is working, although some negative reviews. There may be some defects in some products, but considering all you get for the price and adding the 20 year insurance, it seems like a good way to spend your money.

Is this mattress topper from Isotonic good? My review

This is a queen-sized mattress topper, made up of memory foam, which can basically renew the appearance and the comfort of your old mattress. In our stressful environment sleep is very important and we need simple and cheap solutions to improve it.

It is developed by one of the oldest and trusted brands in America and it’s simple, effective and low-cost. Ensures the right body weight distribution, structure alignment and prevents uneasy sleep.


Compact dimensions

With being only 2” thick it is really compact and its existence is barely noticeable. This means you can improve your mattress without changing drastically its size or appearance.

Calm sleep, pain reducing and comfort

The mattress topper from Isotonic ensures that you sleep tight, without trying to restlessly find the perfect spot on your bed all night. Many reviews say that it provides extreme comfort, even if you only sit on your bed. The pain-reducing effect is also a leading reason, why people chose this product.

Can be used as a bed!

Although it is only 2” thick it can be put directly on the floor and used as a bed. For a small amount of money you’re buying a guest bed! This is made possible by latest memory foam technologies.


Not queen-size at all

When delivered the mattress topper is compressed into a small box and when opened it needs sometime to regain its previous size. It seems that it doesn’t do that at all!

Smelly memory foam

Memory foam includes many chemicals, not poisonous, but with really unpleasant and strong smell. It goes away eventually, but waiting for that can be really tough.

Low-quality cover

The velour cover provided seems to be too small for the topper, which can possibly lead to rips. The zipper is also showing low-quality, described as a non-solid and constantly breaking.

Cheap, but not so effective

It is a truly affordable product, but something that small can’t really provide the effects described from the company. There are even mattresses made up of memory foam that sometimes don’t fulfill all expectations.

Memory foam mattress buying guide

Memory foam mattresses have visco-elastic property that enables your body to minimize stress on your pressure points. Most people are astonished by the initial firmness of memory foam mattresses. But it is an advantage to people who experience back pain and likes firm mattresses.

People have different preferences so there is no best firmness for memory foam mattresses. There are people who like it best when it’s of low density, others like high density foams. Density on foam mattresses refers to its corresponding weight per cubic foot. Low density foams are about 3 pounds density that means it weighs 3 pounds per cubic foot.

High density foams are around 5 to 6 pounds. Though low density foam is a bit softer, it is not durable as much as high density foam. But the stiffness of low and high density memory foam mattresses is quite similar when you first lay your body on them. It softens as it warms up. If you really prefer soft and durable, then memory foam mattresses that provides pillow on top is the best choice for you.

Memory foam mattresses can be fabricated from different materials. Spring mattresses with a thin piece of memory foam serving as a pillow is available. There are also mattresses that are half foam and half latex or any other material. Different combination of materials has distinct quality to offer to its user. You just have to be sure to read the label so that you will know what suits you best.

Gel memory foam mattress

Despite the growing popularity of memory foam mattresses, there are a number of people who feel inconvenience in it. The fact that it gets too hot when people sleep on them gives discomfort. To address this flaw, manufactures added gel to the material to increase air circulation on the foam. This provides cooler effect to users while sleeping. Unlike any other gel foam mattresses, gel memory foam mattresses maintain balance to the weight of its user. Because of this, they will not sink too much on the foam. Its density range from 3 pounds to 6 pounds. The firmer it gets when the number increases.